History of the Department

The history of the Department of Philosophy in Ahmadu Bello University started around 1996 and 1997 when Prof. Yakubu Nasidi was the Dean of Arts. The Dean formed a committee to work out the procedure of establishing the department in the Faculty of Arts. After considering report of the Committee by the Faculty Board of Arts it was recommended to the University in 2004. The university returned it to the Faculty for more input in 2008. The Dean, Prof. Adebayo A. Joshua then, assigned Prof. M.L. Aminu to handle the issue and pursue the matter. The proposal was updated and subsequently presented and defended by Prof. M.L. Amin in 2010 after succeeding Prof. A.A. Joshua as the dean of Arts. The proposal was then approved by both the APC and the Senate of A.B.U. in 2010. The University’s cognizance of the fact that the Department will face staffing problem agreed that academic activities should commence with postgraduate programmes in order to develop manpower to handle the Department. Thus, the first sets of students admitted are the newly recruited staff of the department.

This Strategic Plan (2014-2018) for the Department of Philosophy, which is in tune with that of Ahmadu Bello University will be used to fulfil its mission and achieve its vision. Accordingly, the Department aims at improving the academic and developmental services in Philosophy, thus its vision and mission are harmonious with those of Ahmadu Bello University’s as well as with its strategic objectives. There is expectation toward excellence in academic services through Education, Research, and Community services.